Been a while.

Indeed it has been a few days since I posted something here. I tried holding stuff in, thinking that it may help.

But apparently little good did it do. Better out than in.

I saw someone a few days ago. An asshole. Someone I hate with all my heart and soul. It made me sick and disgusted. I’m sure you know why.

This is getting serious now. Everywhere I go, look, listen, or sit. Something triggers this fucking thing in my brain and I feel miserable all again. I want this to all go away.

Fuck, she asked me a few days ago if she was a trigger. Of course. Maybe most always, but yeah is sometimes. The disgusting ugly truth.

Does anyone know how it feels when you know that your wife has been fucked by two people before you, and seen by a number of people? You know what I mean by seen. Does anyone know how painful this is? How it burns your heart? How exhausted your brain gets?

The fear of her pictures still on someone’s phone. The fear of being seen with her in public by someone she’s been intimate with. The shame of being seen with her by someone who’s seen her in God knows what positions in pictures!

Are these pictures really deleted?

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