So much to say.

I have so much to say .. to let off my chest. But I can’t.

There’s no one to listen. Whatever I have to say is nasty. But it is how I feel. But what can I do? There are two types of people who can listen. The first is a stranger whom will not understand nor know why I feel like this.

And the second is the same person who’s hurt me the most, ever. Even if I do say what I have, it won’t do good for her. It will hurt her.

Even if she says she can listen, I know she can’t. That’s just talk. I know what will happen if she listens and hears me out. She’ll break down. There’s no use of that.

She took something from me .. forever. A dream .. a pure dream. That is all gone.

I will have to life whatever is left of my life alone, tired, and hurt.

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